Easy To Teach Apologetics Curriculum
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Topics covered in this curriculum
The Christian faith in America is dying due to a lack of proper education in our homes and churches. One of the biggest failures of our modern times is that we have missed the command from our Lord to "Go and make disciples, teaching them..." More focus has been spent on filling the altars on any given Sunday than has been given to simply teaching and feeding the sheep who are already in the flock. This has led to a growing trend of non-church attendance by Adults, and a mass exodus of Youth from the Christian faith. The Faith Survival Guide will reverse this trend by providing a simple to use apologetics guide to answering some of the biggest questions facing the Christian faith. Written in an Easy-to-Teach format, any "Average Joe" who wants to see their church and family become bold Warriors for Christ needs to get this curriculum for their Sunday School, Small Group, or at Home Study Group.
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Dealing with Doubts
Is Truth Relative
The Universe had a Beginner
Human Consciousness
Intelligent Design
The Problem of Evil
The Reliability of the Bible
The Historical Jesus
Mormons - Jehovah's Witness
The Nation of Islam
Thousands or Billions
Evangelism Made Easy!